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bed bug eggs atlanta

Bed Bug Detection - Atlanta

There are many ways to detect bed bugs. A bed bug infestation can grow rapidly. Within a few weeks you can have a big bed bug problem..\

Visual detection alone is difficult and not accurate. Our Atlanta Bed Bug K9 inspectors can find even the smallest amount of evidence.


Sensor Bed Bug Dogs - K9

Our K9 team is amazing at being able to accurately define the absence or presence of bed bugs quickly and efficiently. Many times we find there is no activity present

bed bug lure atlanta

 Bed Bug Lures

Monitors or Lures can be helpful in finding live activity.. If placed in host areas we sometimes will find some bed bugs. Cardboard square sandwiches  also can e placed which is a cheap alternative.

bed bug bed monitor atlanta

Bug Bug Traps - Monitors

Bed post monitors are effective if placed correctly. They can crawl in but not out.

Sensor Bed Bug Dog- Bed Bug - FAQ’s


I have marks on my skin. Could it be bed bugs ?

Ans.  It could be bed bugs but it also could be many other issues that is causing it.  Go by evidence.

Having. Sensor Bed Bug dogs complete an inspection for you will define the absence or presence and the location if it exists.


I have been traveling and may have had some bed bugs at my hotel. Does that mean I have them at home now ?

Ans. No. It means that if there were bed bugs at the hotel you possibly can bring them home in your belongings. But doesn’t mean you did.  Sensor Dogs can detect even the smallest amount of infestation.


I am moving into a new place. How can I insure the previous occupants didn’t leave bed bugs behind.

Ans. We see this frequently.  Rental management rarely inspects for bed bugs after a move out. When a new tenant moves in and complains of bed bugs right away, there is a battle. The new tenant didn’t have bed bugs before and now they do. There’s no way for management to prove the tenant is responsible. However, if they did a Sensor Bed Bug Dog inspection before this would not be an issue.


I manage a multi-unit complex in Atlanta. How can a Sensor Dog Inspection be useful to me ?

Ans.  By knowing which units have infestation and which do not, you can clean up an infested property. We provide Quarterly Sweeps after treatments to assure the problem is resolved. You can have 150 units inspected for about the cost of 1 units treatment.


How are the dogs trained  to find bed bugs ?

Ans.  We are vision oriented. A dog is not. Their sense of smell is their greatest sense. We imprint the scent and the rest of their lives revolve around detecting bed bugs.  They know the scent of a live bed bug and can discriminate somewhat like a rainbow appears to us.  And pick out the red vs. blue.

We use other insects and dead bed bugs as negatives in their training exercises, which they perform daily. They are calibrated like a scientific instrument.


Can the dogs work around people ?

Ans. Yes, they love people. And people love them, especially after finding out they are bed bug free.  We use non-intimidating dogs.  They are around people daily.


When a dog responds to bed bugs, what happens next ?

Ans. We then inspect and verify activity.  Almost every time we can easily find the evidence.  When they put you right on the problem it’s much easier to verify. They are not rewarded without verification.  The dogs help US find bed bugs. They are so accurate.


How long does Bed Bug K9 inspection take ?

Ans.  On a normal residential house with 3 beds and 2 baths it will normally take about 30- 45 minutes. Multi-Unit properties, a 1 bed units takes about 5-10 minutes. Or less


What Areas Do You Cover ?

We cover the Greater Atlanta and Macon Areas. We travel all over the South doing Quarterly Sweeps and Multi- Unit locations. We are called in to help other pest control operators with bed bug issues.

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