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Bed Bug Removal

We are your "Go To" for Bed Bugs Detection and Extermination in the Marietta Area. With Sensor Bed Bug Dogs and Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments we can solve any bed bug issue. If they are present, we will detect them and have the most effective method of Bed Bug Removal. 

We kill Bed Bugs in Marietta

Our methods of detection and extermination of bed bugs in Marietta may be a little different than most pest control companies.. We use Sensor Bed Bug Dogs to accurately assess the situation first.  We never recommend treating without evidence of activity. Skin marks are not evidence of bed bug activity. in your home.. If Activity is found we will know the locations and implement a Thermal Heat Treatment protocol that will be effective. We also guarantee our work. Exterminating Bed Bugs is What we do, every day..  We are consumers also and treat our clients just like we would want to be treated. 


Our Sensor Bed Bug Dogs are the very best way to analyze a bed bug scenario. We have many clients in the Marietta area that find out its not bed bugs. For more info go to


Bed Bug Heat Treatment Marietta

Our Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Eqipment is engineered to do bed bug remedial work. Our generators provide the power for our 220 heaters. The process takes usually 5-6 hours or more.


Additional Bed Bug Tools

We also use additional products and tools when necessary to win the battle against Bed Bugs in Marietta. Call us today and we can get your issue over with.

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